Innovative Ag Colorado planted its first seed in June of 2014. Built from the ground up on the outskirts of resort town Steamboat Springs, Colorado, founder Mark Berkley transformed a vacant light-industrial lot into a fully-operational container farm generating large quantities of fresh microgreens, specialty herbs, edible flowers, and mushrooms.


When Mark was told he couldn't possibly grow anything with much substance in the limited growing season of the Colorado mountains, he immediately set out to prove the theory wrong. From that moment, he set out to become a master of planting, growing, and distribution throughout Routt County. Supported by the overwhelming majority of the restaurant population in his small but highly-visited town, Mark quickly realized there was a legitimate, immediate need for these types of fresh, natural ingredients and answered the call.

Mark Berkley, founder of Innovative Ag Colorado

Mark Berkley, founder of Innovative Ag Colorado


Now, four years from inception, Innovative Ag Colorado is a well-known brand throughout the Yampa Valley and a fast-growing name in the growing field of container farming. Dedicated to provide world-class customer service, affordable products, and local ingredients unmatched in freshness, texture, and flavor, Innovative Ag Colorado is not just a new, trendy agriculture business- it's a brand you'll come to recognize, a unique flavor you'll taste, and a name you'll trust for years to come.