Q: How can I purchase from Innovative Ag Colorado?

A: Our products are available for anyone and everyone. We sell directly to restaurants and individuals throughout Colorado, however we depending on your location we do have an order minimum. For more information about our delivery services, order guidelines and/or product price list, please contact Mark Berkley at 970.396.6628 or via email at tinmanso36@gmail.com

Q. What is a MicroGreen?
A. MicroGreens are a tiny form of edible greens produced from very young vegetable, herb or other plants. They range in size from 1 to 1.5 inches long, including the stem and leaves. Some Microgreens typically have the first set of partially opened or small fully opened true leaves as well.  They are generally one to two weeks old when harvested.

Q. How are Microgreens used?
A. Having surprisingly intense flavors considering their small size, MicroGreens are used as a visual enhancement and flavor accent primarily in fine dining restaurants. These restaurants place a strong emphasis on both the creative presentation and flavor of their dishes.  MicroGreens’ delicate, fresh appearance adds beauty and dimension combined with a range of distinct flavor elements.

Q. What is the best way to store MicroGreens prior to use?
A. MicroGreens and related items should be kept in Refrigeration at 38-40 degrees in a closed container.  Basil is very sensitive to low temperatures and may turn dark brown or black within a few hours of exposure to temps below 32 degrees.

Q. How long can MicroGreens last once they have been harvested?
A. MicroGreens usually last at least 5-7 days if they are refrigerated at the right temperature.  Depending on the variety, shelf life will vary. Some items can last up to two weeks.

Q. Do you offer living microgreens (aka Live Trays)?
A. Well, we'd like to but unfortunately the cost for delivery and limited space in our trucks, there are a few reasons why this format has not been widely utilized.  With the necessity of more packaging in terms of either bulky cardboard boxing or heavy plastic trays and growing medium, the result is much more expensive for a relatively small yield with lots of wasted packaging and growing materials. Plus, it results in a higher carbon footprint and limited delivery range which is definitely the opposite of our sustainable, wider-range vision.  Cut microgreens shipped in lightweight plastic clamshell containers are less costly, use less packaging, and save time in the kitchen. But to ensure we stand by our product containers, we're willing to spend a little more money on recyclable plastic clamsells.

Q. What unique items does Innovative Ag Colorado grow compared to other growers?
A. At Innovative Ag Colorado, we try to keep our selection of crops as diverse and inspiring as our customers. What stands us out from any other grower and distributor is that we are willing to experiment and/or try to grow nearly any crop - even if it's not on our list. If you have a specific crop you're looking for, tell us and we'll begin growing it for you! Customer service and satisfaction is our priority.

Q. What growing medium do you use?
A. We grow our products in a variety of different mediums because hey, how else did we get the name "Innovative Ag"? Using organic soil, burlap, wood-shavings or hydroponic methods depending on the crops preferable medium, we are able to create healthy, safe growing environments for our little micro-babies.

Q. Are your products grown in greenhouses or outside?
A. The majority of our products are greenhouse grown. While we'd like to say everything is grown outside, due to our shorter growing season in our mountain region, we have to ensure consistent temperatures. However, nearly all of our crops are grown in greenhouses that receive nearly all of their "growing light" from our beautiful sun.

Q. What are Premix Blends?
A. Some folks like a premix of microgreens instead of a salad premix. We like to provide seasonal options so that our customers don't have to reinvent the wheel so often. If you have a special blend for your kitchen, feel free to reach out to us - we're always up for a new challenge!

Q. Where do you ship to?
A. Currently we deliver direct from our greenhouses to your restaurants or establishment throughout Colorado. That being said, we are presently servicing Routt County (Steamboat Springs, Oak Creek, Hayden), Summit County (Breckenridge, Vail, Winter Park and Silverthorne) and Denver-Metro areas. We are working hard to expand our regions to be available to all four corners of Colorado, however if your location is not on our list and you'd like to be added to our list of stops, please contact us!


*USDA researchers recently published a study* assessing the nutrition content of 25 commercially available microgreens, seedlings of vegetables and herbs that have gained popularity in upscale market and restaurants. Just a few inches tall, they boast intense flavors and vivd colors, but what about their nutritional content? No one knew until this new study came out.


 We’ve known that baby spinach, for example, have higher levels of phytonutrients than mature spinach leaves, but what about really baby spinach, just a week or two Microgreens won hands down (leaves down?), possessing significantly higher nutrient densities than mature leaves.

For example, red cabbage microgreens have a 6-fold higher vitamin C concentration than mature red cabbage, and 69 times the vitamin K.

*Assessment of vitamin and carotenoid concentrations of emerging food products: edible microgreens.