At Innovative Ag Colorado, we pride ourselves in producing the best in quality, sustainable, organic methods of our Microgreens, Edible Flowers and Herbs. Using green, creative and innovative practices, our growing operations and building systems utilize re-purposed, recycled, and sustainable manufactured materials. 

While the climate in our community might not be ideal for farming in traditional methods, we're happy to report our products remain strong, healthy and flavorful all-year round.  Our crops are grown primarily in natural light, and while protected in our greenhouses during our winter months, remain accessible to our Colorado natural sunshine. We also ensure minimal handling from planting to harvesting and packaging, resulting in longer shelf-life, freshness, and overall quality.

We believe in the highest level of food safety. Check out our product list. Trust us or come visit to learn more - you won't be short of options!



Tiny Greens. Huge Flavor.
We grow a wide variety of microgreens for both the CAA Marketplace and local restaurants. These little greens pack a powerful punch of potent flavor and nutrition.


edible flowers

Earth Laughs In Flowers.
Restaurants and bakeries are always looking fornew and creative ways to accent their dishes. While enhancing visual appeal, edible flowers also offer an array of interesting flavors, colors and textures. 

mushroom closeup 2.JPG


Live Wildly. Eat Mushrooms.
Now serving Blue Oyster and Elm Oyster mushrooms, with Lion’s Mane and King Oysters on the horizon. Get ready for some amazing flavors...